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Greetings, dear traders and investors!

According to the settings, the following options have been worked out:

Made settings on the RSI indicator for the spot,enter the position with 1 additional purchase.
Entering the position by 50% of the allocated size of the deposit part. If the deposit is $ 1000, we allocate $ 100 = 10% for this pair, then in the bot settings you need to put half of the allocated amount, i.e. 5%.
The bottom line is what, with a large number of purchases, the size of the TP in monetary terms with a trend movement will not be very large, the main earnings happen at the moment when the purchases are triggered. If you filter the inputs, as in this option by RSI, transactions will not be frequent for one pair, but the earnings will be more per transaction.
In this variant of execution, a portfolio of trading pairs is selected and due to their number the frequency of transactions is increased.

Examples of transactions:

On September 7, during the fall in prices on the exchange, of the ten trading pairs established in the bot, eight pairs entered the transaction at the moment — four of which have already left the position.

Since with these settings the bot trades on the spot section, with open positions, the size of the deposit in USD does not change, which allows you to continue trading other trading pairs.

The BestBidAsk settings on the futures section were launched into trading,the settings were previously used on the binance exchange in the Active Averager bot and showed good profitability, but due to the restrictions of this exchange on the size of the minimum order, they were less effective than on the FTX exchange.
There are two bots in the works on one sub-account.

All monitoring will be posted on the page of the Bot Crypto Speculator .
There are many different variations of strategies in the bot, so a lot of monitoring will be done on different sub-accounts.
For the spot section, there are problems with displaying the yield curve data from equite, at the moment this problem is being solved by the monitoring team. On the yield on the RSI indicator, focus on monitoring mytrades.


Sincerely, Michael.
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