Trading bot “Crypto speculator” for FTX exchange

Crypto speculator bot executes market orders using a multifunctional averager strategy trading spot and futures. The main advantages of the bot are a wide range of methods for entering a position, as well as averaging options.

An important factor that increases profit is the deferred execution of orders. Thanks to it the bot doesn’t enter the trade by opening all positions simultaneously, which helps the bot avoid sitting in a drawdown. You can configure it so that when some positions are in the drawdown, others start trading and make a profit while the first ones are waiting.

The strategy of a grid bot (or, more common, a dealer or an averager) is a classic of trading. This bot has the necessary settings – in addition to the usual grid setting, in the trading bot for FTX you can specify such settings as the martingale coefficient, the multiplier of the purchase step, the method of entering the first transaction of the grid on preset indicators, both with trend movement and when trading in the sideways. It is very important that the grid is exhibited immediately, and not in turn – this makes it possible to effectively use capital and catch squizzes on illiquid trading pairs for quick earnings.