Frequently Asked Questions on Trading Bots

General questions:

Give me profitable settings for the bot

We can give our settings, but to use them or not, everyone decides for themselves. Settings are a purely individual matter, and some may be suitable for some, but not suitable for other traders. The main thing to understand is that a trading bot is a tool, not a “black box”. And you customize it for yourself, for your nature of trading, for your requirements

Can I pay the bot by card (bank payment, PayPal…)?

No, we work exclusively with cryptocurrencies. In our jurisdiction, the most convenient and universal way to accept payments is cryptocurrency. The best USDT is to just consider the rate of 1 to 1, but you can count any cryptocurrency from the TOP-5 by capitalization

I want to move the bot to another account, is that possible?

Yes. Re-binding of the bot to a new account is free of charge on the 1st day of each month. If you need to do it at another time – this is also possible, but the cost of such a service is 25 USDT.

The following error appears when running the bot:

There may be several reasons for this error:

  • Update Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
  • You run the bot directly from the archive – you need to unpack all the files
  • You have not unpacked all the files – you need to unpack all the files
  • The security system / brandmauer does not allow the bot access to auxiliary files – if you use a remote server, then in most cases it is enough to restart the server and/or run as administrator (right-click on the file to open the menu and select “Run as administrator”)

The following error appears when clicking the Start button:

This error means that there are blank fields in the bot settings table. If you don’t use any fields, fill them out according to the instructions on the bot settings.

Bots for FTX

The following error appears when starting the bot:

This error appears due to a lack of funds in the dollar (USD), convert USDT (or other stable coins) to USD.


The following error appears when starting the bot:

This error occurs for two known reasons:

  • The keys were not created by using the External Program
  • Incorrect date and time on the server

Some trading instruments are not available for trading:

Some instruments require verification for trading. As soon as you pass verification and accept the terms of use, the instruments will be available to you.

Antivirus blocks the bot file:

There are several levels of protection against hacking in the bot, that is why antivirus may trigger. To run the file, allow the file in the antivirus settings.

Creating a report on the futures section:

Creating a futures report may take a long time if there is a great number of transactions – there is a request for each transaction, the speed depends on the ping.

When trading on the spot:

It is necessary to disable the margin in the account or subaccount settings.

Dual position entry:

It may occur during the recalculation of the bot, when one warrant is removed and another is issued, when the first has not withdrawn due to execution on the exchange, the second warrant is put up and executed.