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If you were looking for a trading bot and came to us, then you are on the right track!

Today, on the Internet you can find a number of projects promising easy earnings in the crypto market. However, in most cases, only the organizers will have it all.

Let’s figure out how we differ from the others:

  • The main type of our income is the profit from the bot trade.
  • Our project is created by practicing traders, who use the algorithmic trading as one of the main types of earnings.
  • Cryptocurrency trading, like trading on any other class of assets, has its characteristics. That is why strategies implemented in bots are chosen after thorough testing.
  • We offer our practical experience, knowledge and skills.
  • We share the settings that we use ourselves.
  • We implemented a few lines of protection to ensure you can safely run the bot on dedicated servers 24/7.
  • We also offer a Support Group on Telegram. We are always here to help you and ready to guide you through the whole process.

Trading Robots for

Crypto Speculator Trading Bot for FTX Exchange

Crypto speculator bot executes market orders using a multifunctional averager strategy trading spot and futures. The main advantages of the bot are a wide range of methods for entering a position, as well as averaging options.

An important factor that increases profit is the deferred execution of orders. Thanks to it the bot doesn’t enter the trade by opening all positions simultaneously, which helps the bot avoid sitting in a drawdown. You can configure it so that when some positions are in the drawdown, others start trading and make a profit while the first ones are waiting.

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