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Welcome, Dear traders and investors!

We want to share with you great news!

From today, when registering accounts through our referral link, in addition to a discount on the trading commission of 10%the first 100 users will receive a voucher from the exchange with a nominal value of 25 USD to pay commissions!

Let’s look at the options for additional discounts on trading commissions:

Additional discounts on commissions for holders of the intra-exchange FTT token.
For an additional discount of 3%, to the current discounts on your account, you have on the balance, at the time of transactions, must be on the account FTT in the equivalent of 100 USD.

Further, by analogy, based on the data of the table below.

To get a maker rebate, or in simple words – do not pay a commission for trading limit orders, you need to make 25 FTT tokens in the stake.

With a stake of 150 FTT, you will begin to receive part of the commissions paid by those traders who bought your limit order from the depth of market.

Further, by analogy, based on the data of the table below.

For staking, you can use a separate sub-account, on which the bot will not trade, since all the FTT deposited will be displayed on the balance and when trading on this account, trading pairs with a bot to this token will be impossible.

When staking on a subaccuss, rebates will be executed on the main account and on all other sub-accounts.

Withdrawal from sacking is possible in two ways:

  • Apply for withdrawal and in 14 days you will be unblocked your FPTs
  • Withdraw instantly, but pay a large commission – 10%


Sincerely, Mikhail.

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