The first FTX tournament for CIS traders

Greetings, dear traders!

Our media partners, the FTX cryptocurrency exchange together with the tradelink tracking and trading account analytics service, announce a new tournament for CIS traders with a prize pool of up to $54,800!

Tournament period: from September 25 (12:00 Moscow time) to October 25 (12:00 Moscow time)
Pre-registration period: September 16 (12:00 Moscow time) — September 25 (12:00 Moscow time)
Late registration period: September 25 (12:00 Moscow time) — October 24 (12:00 Moscow time)

The minimum deposit to participate in the tournament is $ 200 and you need to create a sub-account called “TradeLink”.

More details can be found on the tournament and registration page .
The rules of the tournament are simple and suitable for most users who want to participate. To register for the tournament, use the detailed guide.

To get a 10% discount on the commission, register here, the first 100 users will receive a voucher from the exchange with a nominal value of 25 USD to pay commissions.


Sincerely, Michael.
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