Issuance of the bot to all participants in the pre-sale scalper PRO

Greetings dear traders!

I’m glad to inform you that the trading bot “Crypto Speculant” with the scalper PRO update has been issued to all participants of the presale and is available in the chat of the bot’s users. Also along with the bot we prepared scripts for selecting parameters, which will simplify the understanding of the strategy for users.
In the near future we will gather an active group from the chat room, for the selection of trading parameters and running the settings in the trade.

From this month the cost of the trading bot “Crypto Speculator” 495 USDT.

Trading on MAPM strategy at the moment only three pairs out of ten traded pairs hang in the deal, the rest are traded according to selected settings, after the release of all pairs will be added additionally other trading pairs. In total, the plan is to trade more than thirty trading pairs at the same time, for better risk hedging.


Additionally, this month there are 3 licenses left for the “Advanced Arbitrage” bot at a price of 795 USDT, valid only until 09.30.2022

To buy bots you can contact me by any convenient way, also if you have any questions, you can ask, with pleasure I will answer.


Sincerely, Michael.
Trading Software Technologies


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