MAPM strategy in the "Crypto speculator" bot and news on the Arbitrage bot

Greetings dear traders!

In the last news we wrote that the MAPM strategy was added to the “Crypto Speculator” bot and the strategy is being tested.

Earlier it was planned to give out the bot users after the update of scalper PRO, but due to the frequent requests to give out in the current version, it was decided to give out the update, plus it will be given in a chat and a script for the selection of parameters.

The strategy itself has been tested for the coincidence of the test results and real trading, the transactions are executed similarly.
At the moment, the parameters for 7 trading pairs have been chosen and put into trade. Later we will add more trading pairs with the bot users.

Trading results for the first week of the month are shown in the screenshot below.


I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the bot has several methods for calculating the entry into the position! This is important, because the settings were chosen specifically for a fixed amount of entry and for each of the pairs, the maximum accumulated position, during testing, did not exceed the second leverage.

Profitability of the first number – in the settings of the bot was not set to enter a fixed amount, traded one pair and entered at % of the deposit, for this reason, and wrote to be careful in setting up the bot.
All settings will be published in the chat of bot users.

I remind you that until 31.08.2022 inclusive, there is an opportunity to participate in the second phase of the presale update scalper PRO – the price of participation 375 USDT

On the Arbitrage bot, added protection calculations of the average price from liquidation. If the position is partially liquidated – the exchange does not issue a deal, i.e. the calculation of the average price suffers. Sometimes it may even be negative. Therefore, there is a protection, so as not to “hang” in the deal. But best of all – do not allow liquidations (Auto Deleverage to help).
Updated version will be issued in the chat, all bot users.

Also moved the license server to the server Trading Software Technologies . Server in the Center AlgoTrading will be maintained until the end of the month, if some of the users can not now update the version of the bot.

Additionally, this month there are three licenses for the “Advanced Arbitrage” bot
Price 695 USDT, valid only till 31.08.2022

To buy bots you can contact me by any convenient way, also if you have any questions, you can ask, with pleasure I will answer.



Sincerely, Michael.
Trading Software Technologies

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