Greetings, dear traders!

The first FTX tournament for CIS traders has come to an end, congratulations to the organizers – the team of the TradeLink project with the successful implementation of this event!

We also join the congratulations of the winners of this tournament, you showed excellent results!

During the month, 124 traders fought for prizes, 30 of them received invaluable trading experience, but unfortunately were liquidated and could not reach the end.
The trading volume of all participants amounted to a large amount – $ 44,405,342.

Our team took part in this tournament, we took 7th place with a yield of more than 40% for tournament time. All transactions were made exclusively by the bot “Crypto Speculator” .

The bot settings and the profitability chart can be found below:

Tournament settings

Sincerely, Michael.
Trading Software Technologies

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