The results of testing the new strategy and the appropriate time to participate in the first phase of the pre-sale

Greetings dear traders!

A week ago, the “MAPM” strategy based on the crossing of signal lines of the MACD indicator was added to the “Crypto Speculator” trading bot for beta-testing. At the moment, the selection of parameters for different trading pairs and the launch into trading.
The bot has the ability to set the entry in percentage of the deposit, for a given amount of quoted currency, as well as a given amount of underlying assets.

Entry for a fixed amount of USD will allow you to add a lot of trading pairs in the trade, with the competent calculation of risks.

The same bot has the ability to set the trailing profit parameter, it starts to expose stop loss as soon as the price moved away by a specified % in the direction of the transaction from the entry price.

At the moment, while the parameters are being adjusted, the results of the trades are shown in the screenshot below:


As we can see in the screenshot, the trades are opened in shorts and longs and are rather quick to exit at take profit.

Exit from the beta test of the strategy is planned at the same time with the readiness of the update scalper pro, by that time the parameters will be selected for some trading pairs and along with the bot will be issued and a script for testing and selection of parameters. Delivery of the bot – no later than October 01, 2022.

Please note!

Opportunities to participate in the first stage of presale are getting smaller and smaller every day – only till the end of this month the price of participation is 245 USDT.

The whole August the price will be 375 USDT, as we will begin work on update, with the addition of scalper PRO mode.
Then go to the regular price of 495 USDT, when the updated bot is ready.

If you are still thinking, it’s time to make a decision, after the update the trading bot “Crypto speculator” will be the most powerful product on the market!

If you have any questions or want to buy – write.

Sincerely, Michael.
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