Greetings, dear traders and investors!

I want to report great news, the winners of the tournament will receive not only cash awards, but also unique NFT in the author’s work of professional artists: NFT collection, which in turn give bonuses and privileges. For example, on the TradeLink platform, the token can be used as a social achievement in your personal profile, and in the future it will allow you to use TradeLink services for life absolutely free. The collection of NFT prizes will be replenished depending on the growth of the number of participants.

I also remind you that the tournament for traders, TradeLink together with the FTX exchange began on September 25 and will last a month. Registration for the tournament will be open until October 24. You can register here .

According to our plans for October – we plan to complete the update of the bot, this will be one of the first major updates. The update will contain both the wishes of the bot users and our own developments. If you still think, have time to buy a bot at the current price, after the update the price will be higher.


Sincerely, Mikhail.
Trading Software Technologies

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