Trading Software Technologies Trading Bots Partnership Agreement

Trading Software Technologies offers you to get additional profit in such an area as crypto trading. Invite your audience to use our trading bots.
We offer modern and high-quality trading solutions, with the best support, regular updates and expansion of functionality.
If you are the owner of a youtube channel, the administrator of the telegram community, a blogger or another type of representative of the audience associated with cryptocurrencies or trading – then our offer is ideal for you.

Below we will analyze all the points of the partnership agreement.


The reward for bot sales is stepped – and depends on the number of copies sold by the partner.

Degree of remuneration:

  • Up to 5 copies sold – 20% partner’s reward
  • 6-20 copies sold – 25% partner’s reward
  • 21-50 copies sold – 30% partner’s reward
  • 51-99 copies sold – 35% partner’s reward
  • 100 or more copies sold – 40% partner’s reward


For rewards for the sale of licenses, the initial remuneration of 20% will be deducted from the purchase price of the second license, for two licenses at once. The first license will be for the full cost, the second license minus the remuneration for two licenses.

General Questions

The partner does not have the right to openly reduce the price of the product, so as not to put himself in better conditions than other partners. At the same time, he has the right to give personal discounts (no more than the cost of the partner’s remuneration and at the expense of his share). At the same time, such a discount should not be published.

Technical support of traders is carried out by specialists of Trading Software Technologies, by adding traders to a closed chat. The partner has the right not to connect traders to the chat, but at the same time, he himself can be registered in the chat, and receive support there, transmitting information to the buyer.

Information about updates and changes in bots will be published in the chat (will be in pinned messages). Also, information about updates can be viewed on the site, on the page of the corresponding bot.

Bots trade through a external API key program. To do this, from the drop-down list, the trader needs to select the program “TradingBot”. All details are described in the instructions for the bot.

The license is perpetual and the updates are free. Minimum warranty on the bot is 1 year.

Procedure for issuing licenses

To obtain a license, the partner must transfer the cost of the bot, minus the affiliate reward. To get a wallet, contact the representative of Trading Software Technologies – Mikhail .

Re-binding the bot to a new account costs 20 USDT (this is the cost of our work, the partner has the right to increase the cost, for personal gain).

Requirements for partners

There are no direct requirements for a potential partner, but he must be the owner of a thematic site, You Tube channel, telegram channel, etc. There must be potential for the distribution of products.

Final provisions

For large partners, white label (White-label product) is possible – i.e. we remove our data from the bot and put the data of the partner’s project. The decision to assign a White Label is made by the team of “Trading Software Technologies” on the basis of the request and potential of the partner.

We reserve the right to change the terms of the affiliate program, in case of changes in market conditions.