The main goal of the project “Trading Software Technologies” is the sale of trading robots and other products related to the market, trading and investment.

All trading solutions that are subject to sale are located in the“Buy a trading bot”section.

For regular customers there are discounts – for the second purchase of 10%,for each next 20%. Additionally, you can get discounts on the trading commission – details here.

Attention! There are scammers on the network who can offer our products at low prices, allegedly hacked versions. Do not become a victim of scammers.

Second attention! If you are a warehouse organizer or other type of fraudster who violates the law in the field of ownership, we have the right to cancel your license without any compensation.

By payment and delivery

All prices for robots are in US dollars, but payment is made exclusively in cryptocurrency. You can pay with any currency from the top 5 by capitalization on CoinMarketCap. The rate of cryptocurrency is taken from the CoinMarketCap resource at the time of payment – there are average market rates.

There are no refunds or exchanges for sold bots or other services, so please take care of the purchase responsibly.

All products are kept under a one-month warranty (including joint development pools). Despite this, all active bots (those in the “Buy a trading bot” section) are under a permanent warranty while they are in this section (although, and many bots that are outside this section are supported in the VIP chat for users who have bought bots). But, nevertheless, bots are not given a lifetime guarantee – this is due to the fact that some strategies become ineffective, or exchanges do not allow them to be implemented normally and there is no point in continuing support. This is decided by the administration of the project “Trading Software Technologies”.

After purchasing the bot, 1 license is issued. The trader has the right to change the license for re-binding to a new account, while free re-binding occurs only on the 1st day of each month. The cost of re-binding at other times of the bot is 25 USDT.

Each trader is responsible for the risks and results independently. When you purchase or order a product, you automatically agree to these rules and the risk warning.

You can always contact us to ask your question.