Trading bot "Crypto speculator" for the FTX exchange

The trading bot “Crypto Speculator” works on the strategy of a multifunctional averager on the spot section and on futures. The main advantages of the bot are a wide range of methods of entering the position, as well as averaging options.

An important factor that increases revenue is delayed execution. Thanks to him, the bot does not enter the deal at once for all positions, so as not to sit in a drawdown. You can set up when some positions have entered a drawdown, then others begin to trade – and earn while the first ones are waiting for closing under the specified conditions.

Trading bot "Crypto speculator" for the FTX exchange

The strategy of a grid bot (or, more common, a dealer or an averager) is a classic of trading. This bot has the necessary settings – in addition to the usual grid setting, in the trading bot for FTX you can specify such settings as the martingale coefficient, the multiplier of the purchase step, the method of entering the first transaction of the grid on preset indicators, both with trend movement and when trading in the sideways. It is very important that the grid is exhibited immediately, and not in turn – this makes it possible to effectively use capital and catch squizzes on illiquid trading pairs for quick earnings.

The trading bot is made for simultaneous trading of pairs on all sections of the FTX exchange. After buying a license, you will be able to trade on an unlimited subaccounts, this will allow traders managing funds to simplify the work, as well as diversify the risks when trading futures – just allocate a certain amount for each subaccount and launch trading.

Trading spot is suitable for both beginners and more experienced traders. The most important thing is that you will not have unfortunate experiences of losing the deposit when setting up the bot. Trading futures will allow you to use your experience with leverage, for higher profitability.

Crypto speculator for the FTX exchange is very easy to operate, even despite the wide range of settings. All settings of the trading bot are described in the manual. Also, we recommend that you watch the video to learn more about the settings and strategies implemented in the bot:

If you have any questions, you can write directly through the contact form. We will be happy to help you and answer all your questions.

Crypto Speculator Bot for FTX does not require the presence of a trader – you need to enter the license key, external API keys and run (you can change the settings if you want). Next, the bot trades independently. The trading bot is fault-tolerant – resistant to communication breakdowns, loss of connection to the exchange, etc. The bot works with the Windows operating system, and is adapted for trading both on a local computer and on a remote server.

The cost of a crypto speculator is 495 USD

To start trading a bot for the FTX exchange, you need to contact us through the form to purchase a license.

After purchase, you will be provided with a bot in the form of an archive. All files from the archive are unpacked into a folder, and from there you run the bot. In the crypto speculator, enter the license key, API keys and run. By API keys – trading operations and access to the spot section should be allowed, and for security purposes – withdrawal of funds should be disabled.

To create keys, go to the page “External API Keys”,select “TradingBot” in the list and create keys (regular API keys will not work).

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During the connection, the bot independently checks the license.

Latest Updates

This subsection keeps a log of versions. If you have an older version (in the bot header [x.x]), then write in the VIP chat for bot users. Updates should be carried out only when all transactions are closed!

09.05.2022. Version [1.6.2] (Replace CryptoSpeculant.exe, replace Instructions)

  • Added strategy Scalper PRO

08.07.2022. Version [1.6] (Replace CryptoSpeculant.exe)

  • Added MAPM strategy

02.13.2022. Version [1.5] (Replace CryptoSpeculant.exe)

  • Minor updates to the bot

02/03/2022. Version [1.4] (replace CryptoSpeculant.exe)

  • Graph added
  • Added check for placing orders

11/22/2021. Version [1.3] (replace CryptoSpeculant.exe)

  • Fixed trailing profit
  • Improved logging
  • Added protection against double trades

11/05/2021. Version [1.2] (replace CryptoSpeculant.exe)

  • Fixed display of account dynamics
  • Fixed the mechanism of reporting in the statistics tab

11/01/2021. Version [1.1] (Replace CryptoSpeculant.exe)

  • Fixed the mechanism for saving long settings

11/01/2021. Version [1.0] (Unpack the archive into a new folder, all transactions should be closed, the settings should be re-entered into the bot)

  • Multiple bot updates

10/15/2021. Version [0.5] (Replace CryptoSpeculant.exe)

  • Fixed order execution method

9/21/2021. Version [0.4] (Replace CryptoSpeculant.exe)

  • Fixed output work on reverse spot + futures signal

9/16/2021. Version [0.3] (Replace CryptoSpeculant.exe)

  • Fixed trail profit when trading in shorts
  • Added output of additional information in logs

9/8/2021. Version [0.2] (Replace CryptoSpeculant.exe)

  • In bid-ask mode, the algorithm has been corrected

9/6/2021. Version [0.1] (Replace CryptoSpeculant.exe)

  • Fixed bug when adding new trading pairs